At age 20 having no art experience, I was lent a technical drawing pen that felt right in my hand. The black inked line it laid down to my surprise connected directly to my brain.  


Years later, while still drawing with technical pens I began painting bold, colorful acrylic paintings. Of late I have turned to a menagerie of colored pencils, gel pens and acrylic paint markers working on stiff black cotton boards. This mixed-medium works very well for me.


I continue to use both sides of my brain when I paint and draw. The conscious in tune with the unconscious.


Music, sport, nature, and various personal preoccupations are motifs that leap out from my imagination. Most pictures are unplanned. Once a picture is hatched, it becomes--until I conclude its done.


I may be self-taught but I don’t consider my art to be “outsider.” I live in the real world. I reside in and breathe New York City. My visual heroes include modern art namesakes. Stuart Davis, Richard Lindner, Mihail Chemiakin. Throw in Miro, Picasso, Leger, Chagall.


I've heard my art categorized as “urban, jazzy, stylized, non-drug induced psychedelic mayhem.”


That sounds about right.



Mike Jacobs was born and raised in New York City, where he continues to live with his family.



2019: NY Public Library Morningside Heights Lobby One Person Show

2018: NY Public Library Bloomingdale Library Display

2016: "Fresh out of storage" Manhattan Mini, West Street, NYC

2013: Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY: Group show.

2008-10:  Permanent Display at twojakes Gallery in Williamsburg, Bklyn

2007: "Outside-In" show at the GaGa Gallery in Garnersville, NY

2006: Soke Fine Art Gallery, Denver Co.

2005: One man show at Charter Oaks Cultural Center in Hartford, Ct.