Mike Jacobs is a New York-based artist. Born and raised in an urban setting, he began drawing in his early 20's after a family friend handed him a Rapidograph pen. "While I took art in high school, it didn't really speak to me, but that Rapidograph opened a door. It just felt right in my hand, and I began to draw, letting the pen guide me."


From that time on, he set out to teach himself to draw and later paint, depending on a newly discovered visual imagination, which blossomed as his experiments with color, form, composition, and style evolved. Confident of finding his way, Jacobs found inspiration in artists who spoke to his unconscious, liberating the images in his head. His current materials incorporate colored pencils, gel pens and acrylic paint markers on black board. His motifs include scenes from the worlds of music, sports, nature, and personal preoccupations.


"I am self-taught, but hardly an 'outsider.' I live in New York City; my visual heroes are Stuart Davis and Richard Lindner with Miro, Picasso and Leger thrown in.  I characterize my style as urban, jazzy, aboriginal-inflected, non-drug induced psychedelia, aka controlled mayhem."




2016: "Fresh out of storage" Manhattan Mini West Street, NYC

2013: Upstream Gallery in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

2008-10:  Permanent Display at twojakes in Williamsburg, Bklyn

2007: "Outside-In" show at the GaGa Gallery in Garnersville, NY

2006: Soke Fine Art Gallery, Denver Co.

2005: One man show at Charter Oaks Cultural Center in Hartford, Ct.